domingo, 8 de abril de 2018



Honolulu is a fomous holiday town in Hawaii . It´s easy to get there by areplane or by ship and the winter is in December- March an the summer is in June- August.
Honolulu is more crowded tha Molvizar because it´s more famous than Molvizar and Honolulu has got more attractions  than Molvizar.
Honolulu has got attractions in winter and summer. In winter you can go to the beach, you can do surfing and you can do whale-watching. In the summer you can go surfing, volcano cimbing and you can go the beach.
Molvizar hasn´t got any attractions, but I think that Molvizar is more peaceful than Honolulu.   

My life

My name  is Francisco González. I´m 13 and I live in Molvizar, Andalucia. I´ve got  two sisters and we live with my parents in my parents house.
In  the summer, it´s usually hot- perfect weather to go to the beach. My family loves doing excursions in the mountains usually for one day. My mum likes taking photos at the plants and animals.
In the winter we usually stay at home because my mum doesn´t like cold and rarely we go to Sierra Nevada or to Granada because my father doesn´t like going to cities.


Bill: Hello, John!
John: Hello, Bill!
Bill: How many brothers and sisters have you got?
John: I´ve got one brother
Bill: Have you? So, have I
John: How often do you do sport?
Bill: I play football twice a week
John: Do you? I don´t
Bill: Where does your mother work?
John: She works at teh clinic
Bill: Does she? So, does my mother

lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

The future of travelling

The future of travelling

I usually use the car, but I use the bus to go to school because I live in a different town. Before I went to school on foot. In the future I want to use a train or a car not an airplane because I don´t like this.
My grandparents used to go to the fields on horseback.

Teachers armed with...

Teacher armed with...

Our teacher wants us to be hard-working and I think that´s good. So we do our homework, do the writing exercises and write the comments and he wants us to take the B1 in 4ºESO. 
That way we will have the best future you can imagine.

domingo, 25 de febrero de 2018

Pirates of the Web

Pirates of the Web

I usually listen to the music on YouTube, I don´t buy CDs and I don´t download music from Internet.
I think that piracy is a crime because autors lose a lot of money and you mustn´t download CDs or the songs free, the problem is if you don´t like buiying music or spending money on music.

Drones, the solution or ....???

Drones, the solution or....???

Yesterday at 9 p.m. I was in my farmhouse with my family. It was my cousin´s birthday. I bought a present for him and we celebrated his birthday until late. My cousin was very happy and we went to our home very late and we didn´t do anything else.